For information on the update, see Haunted Hallowe'en Special.
Previous October 14, 2009 Patch
Current October 29, 2009 Patch
Next November 2, 2009 Patch
Source: Team Fortress 2 Update Released.
Official update page: Haunted Hallowe'en Special.

Patch NotesEdit

Haunted Hallowe'en Special banner TF2

Team Fortress 2Edit

  • Added a new community map: Koth_Harvest
  • Added a Halloween edition called Koth_Harvest_Event
  • Updated the CTF, Arena, and KOTH versions of Sawmill
  • Added check to prevent clients from sending empty or all whitespace names to the server
  • Fixed "item_found" announcements coloring the player names if the player has :: in their name
  • QuickSwitch improvements
    • Added key input so you can cycle through it using the slot input keys
    • Added all loadout slots (not just primary, secondary, and melee)
    • Removed duplicate entries (should only see 1 flaregun, etc.)
    • Fixed a few small layout & empty slot bugs
  • Community requests
    • Updated item_teamflag with flags to toggle the trail effects: 0 none, 1 all, 2 paper only, 3 color only
      • Added a "both" selection to the invalid winners field for team_control_point_master and team_control_point_round entities

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