Player Destruction is a gamemode introduced in the 2014 Mercs vs Aliens contest. It was officially added to the game in the Invasion Community Update, with the first official Player Destruction map being Watergate.

Gameplay Edit

Watergate Edit

The goal of each team is to kill enemy players and collect the beer drops left by dead players, and then to deposit them in the UFO in the middle of the map, which passes through periodically. The non-Spy player on each team with the most collected beers becomes the Team Leader, giving them an outline glow visible to all players, that reveals their position regardless of team, distance, or lines of sight. The Team Leader will heal and resupply himself and all teammates within 450 HU at the rate of a Level 1 Dispenser, but will lose the effect as soon as another teammate becomes Team Leader. Collected Beers, like Intelligence and Australium, will be dropped if the person carrying them enters a Resupply Area or uses the Drop key (Default is bound to "L"), regardless of Team Leader status or team. Dropped Beers that are not picked up will despawn after 2 minutes. The UFO will pass through the map's center area once every 52 seconds, activating a tractor beam that players must ascend in order to deposit the beers. The UFO will stay for 34 seconds, slowly moving from one end of the open area to the map's boundary.

Pit of Death Edit

Player Destruction on the Halloween map Pit of Death differs from Watergate's version primarily in the scoring system and the means of depositing collected drops. On Pit of Death, beers are replacing with souls (which function identically), but instead of depositing them over time to a UFO at the top of a tractor beam, the bottomless pit in the map's center will activate a portal to the Underworld. In the Underworld, there is a specific threshold that anyone carrying collected souls must pass through to instantly deposit their souls, en route to the proper exit gate.