The Pomson 6000 is a primary weapon for the Engineer. It is a retro-futuristic ray gun with many team-colored portions. This weapon fires a team-colored projectile that cannot be reflected. This weapon has very little damage falloff, as a point blank shot will do 52-60 damage, a medium or long range shot will do 31-41 damage, making fairly useful at long range if reloading time is not a concern. This weapon has a clip of 4, and does not require ammo, meaning that ammo boxes are never needed for this weapon. Though not listed in stats, this weapon deals 80% damage less toward buildings, so it deals 11 damage on all buildings. The first reload time is 1.02 seconds, and all reloads after that take .53 seconds. On hit, a Spy loses 20% of his cloak no matter what, and a Medic will always lose 10% of his Ubercharge, but will not take away 10% if the ubercharge is already active. Also, this can light a friendly Huntsman Sniper's arrow on fire from any distance. The 20% cloak drain is after the damage is dealt, so the Dead Ringer's cloak still works on the initial hit though the cloak will stil be deducted if hit while cloaked. 

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