Medic going to get hit by projectiles TF2
"Catch dis."
The Scout

Projectiles, unlike hitscan bullets, do not travel instantaneously across the map but rather at a preset speed, differing depending on the projectile, and are often subject to engine physics. Projectiles use a large hitbox shared by all classes to judge contact, the same as that used by melee weapons, other players, and the environment. The damage of a projectile is usually determined by the distance the target is from the attacker upon collision or, alternatively, from the spot said attacker was at upon death. Many projectiles have unique properties, which differ depending on the weapon. Projectiles are not affected by lag compensation.

A Heavy's dropped Sandvich; pieces of destroyed Stickybombs, buildings, Sappers, and dropped weapon pickups from dead players are not considered projectiles. Although they are launched and subject to engine physics, they have different properties.

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