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The Quad Damage is an item in the Team Fortress games. When picked up, it makes the user's weapons do quadruple damage. It can make any class extremely deadly, no matter how weak the class is.

Quad qwtf
The Quad Damage.
Darkman 4Added by Darkman 4

When the Quad Damage is picked up in Quake Team Fortress, the player will have a blue light coming out of the user's body. When the Quad Damage is picked up in Team Fortress Classic and Enemy Territory Fortress, there is be a blue glow around the user's weapon and body.

Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory FortressEdit

In Quake Team Fortress and Enemy Territory Fortress, the Quad Damage is placed in a few maps. The Quad Damage is often picked up by attackers that need an extra boost to break through a base's defenders to grab the flag.

Defenders can counteract this by grabbing the Quad Damage before the enemy attackers can. This gives the defenders a significant power boost, especially if the person that picks it up is a Soldier or Heavy.

Team Fortress ClassicEdit

Quad tfc
Quad Damage in Team Fortress Classic.
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In Team Fortress Classic, the Quad Damage is used in Quad Jump maps. No official maps use it. It seems to be in the game only for map makers to use.


Quad etf
Quad Damage in "Enemy Territory Fortress".
Darkman 4Added by Darkman 4
  • This item is from the original Quake, as the original Team Fortress is based on it, which gives TF access to all of Quake's items.
  • When the Quad Damage and Pentagram of Protection are used at once, the player will have a light purple glow around him.

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