Random Selection Edit

In the class selection screen, there is a option to select a random class every time.

Meet the Scout01:35

Meet the Scout

All other "Meet the Team" videos are also available here.

Meet the Heavy01:29

Meet the Heavy

Meet the Engineer01:27

Meet the Engineer

Meet the Spy03:20

Meet the Spy

Meet the Soldier01:27

Meet the Soldier

Meet the Medic04:10

Meet the Medic

Meet the Sniper01:40

Meet the Sniper

Meet the Pyro02:32

Meet the Pyro

Tf2 2017 careters
Tf2 2017

he will be avaible to play as him when tf2 alpha 2/in 2017 comes out

Random class

this is what random class looks like

Meet the Heavy TF2
Meet the Sniper TF2
Meet the Pyro TF2
Meet the Demoman TF2
Meet the Engineer TF2
Meet the Medic TF2
BLU logo TF2
Meet the Pyro TF2
RED logo TF2
Meet the Soldier TF2

meet the r.class is avable here hevey lost sasha and he must finish the random class reqwest to get sasha back orelse medic gets sasha

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