Redmond Mann
Redmond Mann, circa 1850


September 2, 1822


Around 1971 (aged 149)

Cause of death

Assassinated by Gray Mann

Old Redmond Mann

Redmond Mann before his assassination

Redmond Mann was one of the three sons of Zepheniah Mann and his wife, Bette, who died in childbirth. When Zepheniah died, he left his sons nothing, except for the gravel they had convinced their father to buy in New Mexico. Redmond and his twin brother Blutarch began to fight over their lives, and hired nine mercenaries to fight for them when they got too old.

Early life Edit

Redmond Mann was born on the 2nd of September in 1822 to Zepheniah Mann and Bette, his wife. His brothers were Gray and Blutarch Mann. Gray was captured by an eagle just a moment after his birth, and Redmond and Blutarch grew up without knowing anything about their lost brother.

1850's Edit

During the 1850's, Zepheniah, Blutarch and Redmond traveled to America, just to realize that they had purchased useless gravel pits and dustbowls.

In return, with his last will and testament, Zepheniah left half of his land to Redmond and half to Blutarch. They began fighting for each other's lands until their deaths in 1971.

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