The Revolver is the Spy's default primary weapon in Team Fortress 2. It is the Spy's only ranged weapon as the rest of the items in his inventory is for stealth, disguise and point-blank combat. The Revolver is a good all-round weapon in the game as even though its ammo capacity is slightly on the low side (32 ammo including starting clip), it has the capability to inflict fairly decent damage (even at long range), has great accuracy and retains it even during continuous fire, has a fairly high fire rate which works well during mid-range combat, and has a fast reload time despite being a revolver. It, like the Sniper's SMG and the Scout and Engineer's Pistol, the Revolver can place a single, perfectly accurate shot before "bullet spread" will take effect, which will reduce the weapon's accuracy. This accurate shot can be done every 1.25 seconds. This weapon does 55-60 damage at point blank range, killing 3 classes in 2 shots, all classes with 150 health in 3 shots, 4 for 200 health, 5-6 shots for 300 health. This weapon deals 120 damage on a critical hit. This weapon fires every .58 seconds, and takes 1.16 seconds to reload, and reloads the entire clip in one reload animation.

Revolver Tactics Edit

When using the Revolver, be sure to remember that it has 6 rounds, meaning that once you run out of ammo, you will most likely die since your Butterfly Knife will not do much damage on a direct hit. However, the whole clip is reloaded in one reload, so it is almost always worth reloading than using your Knife. Remember that it has a good damage output, fairly high rate of fire, and good accuracy. It is very deadly when you score a critical hit with it as a full crit will do double of the maximum point blank damage the Revolver does (120 points of damage), which will allow you to kill most wounded classes with ease. Also, the Spy's ability to see a player's current health will come in handy as well, since knowing the Revolver's damage output at different ranges in comparison to the target's current health will make picking them off with ease. Also, like most weapons, it does not have damage falloff against buildings, letting you only use 4 shots to destroy any building that is not being repaired or wrangled with the Wrangler.

Trivia Edit

  • The TF2 Revolver bears a striking resemblance to the real-world American Colt Python, a revolver used in the early 20th century, mainly by American law agencies.
  • The Revolver also somewhat bears a resemblance to the Half-Life 2 Revolver.