The Submachine Gun, often abbreviated as SMG, is the stock secondary weapon for the Sniper. It appears to be a modified MAT-49 submachine gun, without rear sights or its distinguishable folding stock. It has a base damage of 8, a max of 12, and a minimum of 4, (8-12 is point-blank, 4-6 is medium range, and 4-5 is long range). Up front, the SMG does less damage than the Kukri, but over a couple seconds it will signifigantly overpower the melee weapon, generally making it a good idea to quickly strike a enemy with a melee weapon for a quick 55-75 damage, and then switch to your SMG to finish them off. The SMG is moderately accurate, mroe accurate than the Pistol with more shots fired per second, 10 to 6, but do a lot less damage individualy. The SMG is good for finishing off a close-range enemy who you have already used a uncharged-headshot on or a fully-charged-bodyshot on. All 25 bullets in a clip are reloaded in one time, and takes 1.1 second. Including the clip, the sniper has 100 ammo. Since 10 bullets are fired per second, including reload, it should take about 13.3 seconds to completely empty out all of your ammo if the fire key/button is constantly help with auto-reload enabled. A critical bullet does 24 damage, allowing a max of 240 damage a second if all bullets hit a target(s).

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