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Scattergun item icon TF2
Kill Icon
Scattergun kill icon TF2
Basic Information
Used by Scout
Slot Primary
Availability Stock, Uncrate #23 (Strange), Uncrate #35 (Festive), Uncrate #23 (Strange), Uncrate #49, Reward (Botkiller)
Nameable Yes
Craft #? No
Medieval No
Ammo loaded 6
Ammo carried 32
Reload type Single
The Scattergun is the Scout's primary weapon in Team Fortress 2. It looks like an ordinary sawn-off double-barrel shotgun, but the Scout (or someone else) cleverly modified the weapon to hold more ammo (3 times more ammo than ordinary double-barreled shotguns,which is 6)and also turned it into a lever-action shotgun. Like the ordinary pump-action Shotgun that other classes use, the Scattergun excels in close quarters but does a horrible job at long range combat. Also, the Scattergun has a slow reload since it is not magazine fed, as the weapon's internal magazine has no opening large enough to put magazines through. Unlike the normal pump-action Shotgun, the Scattergun seems to have a higher rate of fire than the Shotgun. This is probably because the Scattergun does not require reloading after each shot. The scattergun is deadly at point blank range, as damage ramp up is 175% insted of 150, letting a scattergun deal 90-105 damage at at point blank range. The scattergun is generally bad after point blank range and medium-short range, after that, the pistol is a better choice. This weapon firsts reload takes 0.76 econds, and the reloads after that take 0.56 seconds, unless you shoot again, in that case the 0.76 second reload will take place again. 
Item icon Festive Scattergun
The festive scattergun.

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