The scoreboard is a screen accessible with Tab ⇆ (Xbox Button Y on the Xbox 360, Select on the PlayStation 3) or at the end of a round. It displays player information, server name, team scores, duel score (if you are running a duel), and so on. Information is given about each player including their Steam ID, what team they are on, how many points they have, and what class they are playing as.

Scoreboard HUD TF2


Team informationEdit

1. Team names
2. Number of points each team has
3. Number of players on each team

Server informationEdit

4. Server name – top left
5. Map time left – top right
6. Spectators – lower left
7. Map name/Game mode – bottom right

Player informationEdit

8. Friend icon (for Steam friends only. Not shown in picture)
9. Steam avatar
10. Player name
11. Number of dominations
12. The player's class (only applies to teammates)
13. Domination target if you are dominating a player
14. Dominated icon if a player is dominating you
15. Player score
16. A user's ping number. If the player is a bot, it will display the word 'BOT' in place of a ping number
17. Icon if a player is dead

Personal statisticsEdit

18. A photo of your current class
19. Your player name
20. Total points
21. Various gameplay stats


Points are the basic scoring unit in Team Fortress 2, and are awarded for different successful offensive and defensive actions. Performing these actions will also often earn a voice response from the class you are playing.

Points can be awarded in fractions; however, these will not show up on the Scoreboard until a whole number is reached.

Note that one action may result in being awarded points for two or more reasons; for example earning a headshot with the Huntsman will award points for the kill, headshot, and bonus points for the specialized kill.

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