Scotsman's Stove Pipe
Demoman with the Scotsman's Stove Pipe TF2
Basic Information
Worn by Demoman
Released Classless Update
Availability Drop, Craft, Purchase, Uncrate (Unusual), Promotional
Tradable Yes
Giftable Yes
Paintable Yes
Nameable Yes
Craft #? No
"Cheers, mate!"
The Demoman

The Scotsman's Stove Pipe is a headwear item for the Demoman. It is a simple, yet elegant, black top hat with a brown sash.

This item has two different styles. When painted, the "Tasteful and Refined" style colors the sash, and "Garish and Overbearing" colors the entire hat. When unpainted, however, there are no differences between the two.

This item is awarded in Genuine quality to players who purchase the BLU Demoman Action Figure.