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Source: Team Fortress 2 Update Released.

Patch NotesEdit

  • Added the option to change field-of-view, between 75 and 90, from the Options->Multiplayer tab.
  • Added the option to disable Player sprays.
  • Increased the Flamethrower's damage at point blank range.
  • The Demoman's Grenades (not Stickybombs) no longer explode on contact after the first bounce.
  • Fixed the Flamethrower's hit detection.
  • Fixed achievements and stats being awarded when watching other players' demos.
  • Fixed a case where players could get stuck in tc_hydro.
  • Fixed a case where some sounds had incorrect volumes.
  • Fixed some player movement prediction errors.
  • Fixed the third-person Sniper aim animation not matching the player's view exactly.
  • Fixed a startup crash.
  • Fixed a rare server crash due to data corruption in networking.

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