Tf2 shahanshah by pithekhoz-d69y0vj

The Shahanshah is a community-made melee weapon for the Sniper. It is a scimitar with a leather hilt that is reinforced by dull golden bindings and a gold hand guard. This weapon, when the player is 50% or more of their health, does 25% less damage making the base damage 48.75, and a critical hit do 146 damage. However, when the players health is below 50%, it does 25% more damage doing a base damage of 81 and a critical hit will do a massive 244. When above 50% health, this is a poor ambush choice weapon. But when below 50% health, it becomes deceptively powerful with random critical hits, as one normal crit with another critical hit can kill any non-Overhealed class. This can be risky, as you do have less than half of your normal health which is already pretty low.