250px-Short circuit

The Short Circuit is a promotional secondary weapon for the Engineer. It is a futuristic electrical device consisting of two probes and rubber sealing, that replaces the Engineer's right arm. This weapon is for utility, due to it's very low damage and ability to destroy projectiles and damages enemy players 10. No reload is needed, as it uses 5 ammo per shot. If the shot hits a projectile, 15 extra metal is taken allowing 10 projectiles to be reflected without restocking a supply of metal. This weapon cannot crit under any circumstances, though it can mini-crit dealing 13-14 damage. No metal can be gained from dispensers while this weapon is out. This weapon attacks faster than a pistol, 0.15 seconds compared to the 0.17 second firing of the Pistol, usually allowing a couple more shots fired than were probably intended. The projectile can be reflected by a Pyro and used to hurt a friendly teammate or destroy a friendly projectile as if the Pyro shot the projectile. This weapon fires a large electrical shot that moves fairly quickly, and can hit multiple projectiles or players. If the player has less than 15 metal when the shot hits a projectile, all remaining metal will be consumed. This weapons alt-fire (used to destroy projectiles) also hits invisible, and disguised spies.