The Shortstop is a community-made primary weapon for the Scout. It's a four-barreled pistol with a pearl grip modified into a peppergun and loaded with shotgun-like ammunition, although it looks like a larger caliber of Pistol ammunition.

The weapon has a higher fire rate than the Scattergun, and has better accuracy. The ammo pool it has is shared with the Pistol, if you have it equipped.

While wielding the weapon, the player will heal 20% more upon collecting health packs (Medi GunsDispensers and Payload carts don't count).

Pushforce from all sources of damage, including airblasts, are increased by 40%.

There are 60% less pellets per shot; however, the pellets each do double the damage. Still, the gun will do 10% less damage overall. This is more suited for close range and medium range combat as opposed to the close range-only Scattergun or Soda Popper. This gun can be seen as the opposite of the Force-A-Nature, as the other gun has more pellets that do less damage, excels at close range, and has an overall higher damage rate. Due to the lower damage per pellet, this gun's less suited for medium range combat than close range.

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