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The Shotgun is the default primary weapon for the Engineer and the default secondary weapon for the Soldier, Pyro, and Heavy. It is a pump action-style sawed-off shotgun.

This weapon fires every 0.625 seconds, and fires 10 pellets that each deal 6-9 damage each. The point-blank range damage is 80-90 if all the pellets hit, 10-30 at medium range and 3-10 at long range.

This weapon has a clip size of 6 and carries a total of 32 shots, including the clip. The first reload takes 1 second, and the reloads after that take 0.5 seconds as long as the player doesn't fire a shot during the reload. This weapon fires at least 1 pellet straight down the crosshair before the "bullet spread" effect takes place, and takes 1.25 seconds to reset.

This weapon is good for a Pyro when underwater, a Soldier when firing rockets that will make the Soldier take self-damage or there is no time to reload, a Heavy when there is no time for the Minigun especially the Brass Beast or Natascha or when mobility is crucial, or when the Minigun will waste too much time of a crit boost spinning up from the Kritzkrieg or the boost from a kill from the Killing Gloves of Boxing

Tauning with this weapon as a Pyro will preform the Hadouken Taunt kill.

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