Showdown is a Taunt done by the Heavy with any of his melee weapons except for boxing glove weapons, such as the Killing Gloves of Boxing. Despite its apperance, this taunt can still be done with the Holiday Punch. This taunt is 3 seconds long, and the heavy mimics a gun with his fingers, points forward and says: "Pow! Haha!". This taunt does 500 damage, (Instant kill). The range of this taunt is about half-way down the bridge of 2Fort. This taunt can pierce through multiple enemies, though this is unlikely to happen. This taunt can be done during Humiliation and Stalemate, and also has the shortest kill-taunt-length in the game along with Skewer. This taunt cannot crit like all kill-taunts, but can mini-crit dealing 675 damage.

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