Skewer is a Taunt done by the Sniper. This taunt is done with the Huntsman or the Fortified Compound. This taunt is 3 seconds long, and deals 500 damage (Instant kill). The sniper says "Stab stab stab!" while this taunt is active. This taunt has two parts, the thrust, which stuns the target and the retreat, which does the 500 damage. If the taunt target is stunned, this does not guarantee they will die, if they are pushed away. Similarily, the target does not have to be stunned to be killed, such as around a corner. Between another sniper attempting this taunt, they can get eachother stunned, both with a arrow stuck in them until one of them is pushed away. While this happens, both snipers will look like they are stunned and the following will be what players hear:    Sniper 1: Stab Sta-   Sniper : Stab Sta- Sniper 1: Stab Sta-   Sniper : Stab Sta- continously until one dies/leaves in one way or another.