The Spinal Tap is a Taunt kill done by the Medic. This can only be done with his melee weapon, the Ubersaw. This taunt is 4 seconds long, and deals 501 damage total. It does 1 damage when it stuns the enemy, and 500 when he retracts his saw. This has the medic thrust his saw forward, stunning a enemy and retracting it, dealing 500 damage while he says: "I'm going to saw through your bones!". This, like most taunt kills, can be done during Stalemate and Humiliation. It can also mini-crit, dealing 675 damage. The inital thrust gives the medic 25% uber, and the kill/retraction gives him 75% uber, filling the meter. If the victim is disguised or ubercharged by anything, the thrust will grant none, still stun, and the retaction will give the medic 50% ubercharge.

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