The Splendid Screen
Splendid Screen

Charge damage

85 +17 per head to max of 170

Mini-crit damage

115 + 23 per head to max of 230

Charge speed

750 HU/S

Charge intervals

12 seconds, 6 with the Persian Pursuader

The Splendid Screen is a community-made secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is an iron shield spattered with blood, with four bosses in the cardinal directions and a larger boss in the middle. This shield blocks 20% fire damage and 15% explosive damage, but in turn does 85% more shield damage and can deal shield damage any time of the charge. It does not inherit the immunity to Afterburn as the chargin' targe does. Other than than, it behaves identical to the Chargin' Targe. As usual, it cannot deal critical hits in any way.

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