The Stickybomb Launcher is the default secondary weapon for the Demoman. It is a modified grenade launcher with a large magazine and wide barrel. A fully charged Stickybomb travels at a speed equivalent to approximately 230% of that of an uncharged one. It should be noted that Stickybombs will not be 100% accurate in where they land, and takes about 5 seconds to fully charge. The max stickybombs out is 8, and when another is launched, the oldest stickybomb will detonate automatically, and act like a normal stickybomb. Stickybombs deal about 120 damage individually and are affected by splash damage falloff, and deal a bare minimum of 60 damage to 138 damage but the base damage is 120. A critical sitcky will do about 180-350 damage depending on range, and can be pushed by compression blast and destroyed by a single projectile of any kind, except for other stickybomb fired by the stock sitckybomb launcher, but not if fired by the Scottish Resistance, needles from a Syringe Gun, and melee attacks.


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