The Sydney Sleeper (known as the piss rifle in the community) is a community-made primary weapon for the Sniper. It's a single-shot pneumatic dart gun with an air tank with spare darts (with corks) attached to the stock, a scope fitted to the top and feathers tied to the barrel. When equipped, the Sniper will appear to have darts in his breast pocket. This weapon has a 25% faster charge rate, taking about 2.8 seconds to do a fully charged shot, and coats the target in Jarate for 8 seconds as long as this weapon's been charged for at least a second. The drawback is that this weapon has no headshots, meaning it isn't as useful for killing enemies, but rather, for weakening them for your teammates. Like the default Sniper Rifle, this weapon has no critical hits, though this wasn't listed in the default's stats as all Stock weapons have no stats listed.