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About Edit

Team Fortress 2 is a first-person-shooter (FPS) developed by Valve Corporation. There are two teams, RED and BLU. You either enter one of these teams and then fight to the death with your personally chosen gamemode.

Gamemodes Edit

There are many gamemodes to choose from.

  1. Capture The Flag/Files (CTF): Capture the Files are the well known Capture the Flag maps from many other shooters, just like in Team Fortress 2 and Team Fortress Classic. Instead of a flag, every team has a briefcase (the so called "Intelligence"). Both teams (RED and BLU) are required to take the enemy's suitcase to their base to win a round. You require three rounds of captures to win a game.
  2. Control Point: The Control Point gamemode consists of some tactical points on the map, which have to be taken by a team to win. Every control point map has some differences.
  3. Mann vs. Machine: Mann vs. Machine is a CO-OP mode, where you can team up with 5 friends to fight against hordes of robots. Similar to the classic "Tower Defense", you must defend a specific spot from destruction by the robots. The robots channel through the map and you have to stop them from getting their "bomb" into your base. You can upgrade your specific weapons after every survived wave, though, the robots's bombs gain several attributes as well. The first level brings a defensive buff for all near robots, the second level brings a healing buff and in the third one all robots have permanently critical hits. The robots must not place the bomb at the target place, otherwise the game is lost. To win the game, you have to survive all waves. Defend Mann Co. and get an item after each mission is completed! (THIS GAMEMODE REQUIRES A PAID "TICKET)!


Characters Edit

The characters for Team Fortress 2 are as following (click on their names for info):

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