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The Chargin' Targe is an unlockable item exclusive to the Demoman in Team Fortress 2. The targe is simply a targe with a spike in the middle and with the team colour's paint. It's the second part the Demoman's 'Close Combat Kit' in the WAR! Update. The Chargin' Targe adds 50% fire resistance and adds 40% explosive damage resistance on the wearer. The item's main ability however, is to give the Demoman the ability to charge his foes. This charge will make all melee weapons inflict Critical hits during the charge. It will also give the Demoman a speed boost that will make the Demoman faster than even the Scout.


It is most recommended to use The Chargin' Targe with the Eyelander Claymore, as the sword must be able to deal a killer blow for it to power up the Demoman. The Charge ability increases gives the Demoman more hitting power as well as more range, since the Charge ability allows the Demoman to gain more ground in less time. Using it with the Bottle is also acceptable, but you won't be able to deal as much damage, especially if it hasn't been broken yet.

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