The Cow Mangler 5000 as seen on red team

The Cow Mangler 5000 is a rocket launcher for the soldier. Unlike all other rocket launchers instead of firing a rocket, it shoots a ball of energy. it was released in the "Dr Grordbort" update.

The Cow Mangler doesn't need ammo, instead it uses charge. you can fire about 5 shots before you have to charge the Cow Mangler again.

When the Cow Mangler is fully charged, it can also fire a powerful shot that deals a mini-crit and lights enemies on fire (also you if you're too close). It also disables buildings for 4 seconds.


Does not require ammo.

Loads 5 rockets instead of 4.

-10% damage dealt.

5% longer reload time.

No random crits.

Can not be crit boosted.

-80% damage vs buildings.

Reflected projectiles become crits.


  • Use the Cow Mangler on large groups or slow moving targets. The best time to use it is on a heavy while his fireing/spinning his minigun, or a sniper.
  • Individual shots do more damage over a period of time then one fully charged shot, use a fully charged shot only if you are certan it will finish off anyone it hits.
  • Shooting at pyros is a risky prospect consitering this weapons reflected projectiles are crits instead of mini-crit when reflected. Use caution when dealing with pyros.
  • This weapon is totally ineffected by crit boost and can not randomly crit, so use the shotgun/bison/reserve shooter instead if you have crit boost.
  • Avoid attempting to take down any kind of building with this weapon as it deals 80% less damage to buildings.
  • This weapon has the ability to team kill by changing to spectator after firing a "mangler" shot at a team member.


You can craft the Cow Mangler 5000 by combining reclaimed metal with the Black Box.