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The Eyelander is a Special melee Weapon for the Demoman in Team Fortress 2. It has a 33% longer range than Any other Melee Weapons. When equipped, the Demoman's Health is reduced by 25, leaving him at 150 health. However, With Each kill the Demoman gets with the Eyelander Decapitates the enemy. The Demoman receives a bonus of 10 Health and a small increase of speed. Located near the bottom of the HUD is a Counter that Counts every head that he gets. After the Demoman revieves a maximum of 210 health additional health bonuses will overheal the player.


  • The Eyelander, and Every Sword Weapon that the Demoman uses is an Exact Reference to the Movie Highlander, A Movie about Immortals from the Scottish Highlands who can only die from Decapitation. The Demoman's Quote "There Can be only One" is the Catch Phrase of the Movie.

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