Quick Fix - as it appears for the Red team

300px-BLU Quick-Fix Pack

The medic's backpack when equiped with the quick fix (blue)

The Quick fix is a new medigun for the medic celebrating the "Meet the Medic" short.

Unlike the medigun and kritzkreig, it causes you to be the speed of your healing target, if the target in question is faster. it also increases the healing speed by 300% while using ubercharge, +40% when not, +25% ubercharge rate, grant immunity to movement healing effects (such as shots from a Natascha) but doesn't allow over-healing.

The form of ubercharge is the same as the Kritzkreig, which grants 100% critical hits for 8 seconds.

The Quick Fix also changes the medic's backpack (see right)


  • you can use the quick fix to get to far places quickly, for example: you could follow a scout (injured or not) and not only protect him, but the speed bonus will help you get around
  • Unlike any other medigun, with the Quick fix, it's more effinecent (possibly more safe) to heal a scout rather a heavy.