The Short Circuit, Replaces his right forearm and hand

The Short Circuit is a laser weapon that takes the spot of secondary weapon for the engineer, part of the Manno Technology Bundle, which celebrates the release of Deus Ex: Human Revolution

Like the widowmaker, it uses metal for ammo, only, unlike the widowmaker, it does not return ammo for damage, but only uses 35 ammo a shot. it is painfully weak against players, only it disables projectiles, such as rockets, grenades from demoman, and jarate. It also cant do random critical hits.

If you kill an enemy with it, it does the same death as if you were to kill them with a Cow Mangler or Righteous Bison.

If used in conjunction with the widowmaker, relise that once you go under 35 metal, you cannot shoot any more, you will become stuck with your wrench. In the heat of battle, you miss 3 shots with the widowmaker, this usually means death.


  • Using the short circuit with the windowmaker is a dangerous risk. if you're not good at shooting your opponents with accuracy, your better off with a gun like the frontier resistance
  • try using the short circuit to refill on metal for sentries and otther buildings