The Widowmaker

The Widowmaker is a shotgun for the engineer. It can kill some classes with a couple of shots, the only problem is that it uses metal as ammo (30 metal per shot), but it returns damage given as metal. A good tactic is to be VERY careful with your shots, as with 200 metal, 6 misses and you are left with your wrench and pistol. Make sure you are close to your enemy, as a point blank shot will take a good chunk (86-88) health, which will return as 86-88 metal, enough for 2 more shots. It was released in the Manno Tehnology pack, which celebrated the release of Ex: Human Revolution Deus Ex: Human Revolution.


  • Because you only have 6 shots of the Widowmaker, you should use it with the Pistol.
  • You can Spy-Check suspicious teammates with this gun because if you hit a spy you get metal back.
  • Don't randomly spam this gun as it will cause you to lose your metal, which you could be using to build buildings with.