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tunt jumpscere Edit

this will corse the red/blu team hirt 1 time

when random class is running torwoards them

Tf2 random class's tunt junpsecre

this is the icon

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in tunt traps random class isint here

Tf2 random class's tunt jumpscere in 3d-0

this is when you press 1 with random class's tunt menu. he will come and hit the blu/red team with his tunt jumpscere

but his original look at meet the random fortres was a pbiunnqnwyirnabbit

oregen Edit

random class was acshuley caledd ???
evolshon the sorage speshes
2011 all wepons N/A
2012 all powerups ?
2013 all ammo red/blue ?
2014 helth:9999 ? inside a O
2015 origen:??? thing
2016 tunts:conga'solder danse'tunt jumpscere abcdefghihjklmnopqrstuvwxyz
2017 speed:10000 ?!

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