The Two Cities Update was a major update for Team Fortress 2 that was announced on November 20, 2013 and released the following day.


The first of the cities introduced was Mannhattan. A bustling, pollution pumping city, placed in the bustling eye of America.

The second city announced was Rottenburg. A quiet, calm village in Germany, known to be the home town of the Medic.

Another map, Snakewater was also released. Unlike the other two, however, this is a Control Point map.

The update introduces new items that can be obtained from a Two Cities Tour. These include the Killstreak kit, which applies weapon effects to whichever weapon it is applied to, along with a rare set of Australium weapons. Among the new upgrades that the player may unlock are Mad Milk Syringes and the Projectile Shield for the Medic, and the Rocket Specialist for the Soldier. The Reanimator was also introduced as a way for Medics to revive allies on the battlefield directly.

A new feature allows the player to view raw damage numbers on the scoreboard in MvM. This includes counters for how much money a player has on them at any given time, along with the total damage they have done, the amount of damage done to tanks, the amount of healing one has received, among others. In addition, these are also the first MvM maps to feature moving spawn points and robots that can introduce additional bombs to the game. Also, players are now able to refund all of their credits spent on upgrades, so long as a certain quota is reached.


List of Australium weaponsEdit

This update also added Australium variants to certain weapons!

Australium weapons can be obtained after a tour of two cities, mecha engineer.

Possible Australium weapons
Scout leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Scattergun Item icon Australium Force-A-Nature
Australium Scattergun Australium Force-A-Nature
Soldier leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Rocket Launcher Item icon Australium Black Box
Australium Rocket Launcher Australium Black Box
Pyro leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Flamethrower
Australium Flamethrower
Melee Item icon Australium Axtinguisher
Australium Axtinguisher
Demoman leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Grenade Launcher
Australium Grenade Launcher
Secondary Item icon Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Australium Stickybomb Launcher
Melee Item icon Australium Eyelander
Australium Eyelander
Heavy leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Minigun Item icon Australium Tomislav
Australium Minigun Australium Tomislav
Engineer leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Frontier Justice
Australium Frontier Justice
Melee Item icon Australium Wrench
Australium Wrench
Medic leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Blutsauger
Australium Blutsauger
Secondary Item icon Australium Medi Gun
Australium Medi Gun
Sniper leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Sniper Rifle
Australium Sniper Rifle
Secondary Item icon Australium SMG
Australium SMG
Spy leaderboard icon TF2


Primary Item icon Australium Ambassador
Australium Ambassador
Melee Item icon Australium Knife
Australium Knife
TF2 crosshair orange

All classes

Melee GoldenFryingPan
Golden Frying Pan

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