Napper's Respite unusual info TF2
"There is nothing unusual about this man's head!"
The Soldier

Unusual quality is an item quality used on hats and some miscellaneous items with a special attached particle effect. There are currently 306 items that can have one of 48 total effects. The only methods of obtaining an Unusual item are by potentially unlocking a Mann Co. Supply Crate with a Mann Co. Supply Crate Key or via trading. The chances of uncrating an Unusual item are about one in one hundred, or 1% in the older crate series. The chance for a Unusual becomes lower as the crate series number goes up. Unlike regular items which can only obtained from specific crates, any Unusual item with any particle effect can be randomly obtained from any given crate of any Series.

Due to their unique particle effect decorations and their extremely low probability of being obtained from crates, Unusual items are considered to be some of the rarest items in TF2.

The hexadecimal color code for Unusual items is

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