Modifiers: Modifiers are misc. items that add an effect to a weapon that is equipped with that weapon. Modifiers are obtained by getting a certain amount of kills with the weapon you want to get the modifier for. There is a unique modifier for each weapon type. Some modifiers may be equipped with multiple weapon types. There are 2 modifiers for all weapon types:

Extended Magazine: Effect: Increases clip size.

Stabilizer: Effect: Increases accuracy, especially on sniper rifles and decreases speed reduction on miniguns when spinning.

For an example of a modifier: 20/20: Equipped with: Every gun (Except for scatterguns, shotguns, explosive launchers, sticky launchers, flamethrowers, and rocket launchers.). Effect: Double barrel effect on equipped weapons (double projectiles).

Custom Gamemodes

Alien Fortress 2: Map: Any Attack/Defend map. Summary: This is a parody of Alien Isolation. Xenomorphs are Scouts on the BLU team, and humans are Pyros on the RED team. The goal for the xenomorphs/the BLU team are to kill every last human. The goal for the humans/the RED team is to survive as long as they can and defend the control points until time runs out. Every human that is killed by a xenomorph has to become a xenomorph themselves, so the more people on the RED team are killed, the harder it is for the RED team to survive. The BLU team is only allowed to use their melee weapons.

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