The Ultimate Halloween Attack!






Mann vs Machine

In coal town... Merasmus is back, he has came with a whole army of zombies! Defeat him before he delivers a magical bomb to the Mann Co. headquarters and rule the world.


  • Robots
    • Robots are retexured as zombies.
    • There taunt is thriller(nothing else)
    • Have 500 health each



  • Hellfire(does not put enemies on fire, but instead throws them into the air for fall damage.
  • Staff Hit
  • Throw bomb
  • Bomb head(bombinomocon)
  • Use bombinomocon to summon alot of bombs
  • Summoning Zombies from ground(almost same like horseless headless horsemann spawn)


  • With the bomb
    • The bomb is invisible, and it says Merasmus is the bomb.
  • Deploying
    • Merasmus will spawn a BLU Zombie Scout over the bomb hole, the scout will have a bomb on its back.Merasmus will let go of the scout, and do his Leave animation. The hatch will not explode until Merasmus is fully gone.
      • After the Scout appears, Merasmus will be immortal.
      • If Merasmus is killed deploying the bomb, he will explode, jarating people near him, just like Monoculus death.
        • He will not play a death animation.


  • He does not glow green, and for the first time uses the non-glowing model.
  • The most rarest attack he does is bomb throw.
    • This does not count when the Player is being Merasmus, as he can spawn all the bombs he wants.


  • 1
    • Robots included:
      • Sentry Buster(infinite until all Sentrys gone or wave ends
      • Scout(50)
      • (rare) Soldier(1)
  • 2
    • Robots included:
      • Tank(2)
      • Sentry Buster(infinite)(spawn out of tanks at bomb part)
  • 3
    • Robots included:
      • Merasmus
        • Merasmus is unable to use bombinomocon
        • Players will not get bomb heads
      • All others except Spy, Engineer, Sniper, Tank, and Sentry Buster
  • 3
    • Bosses
      • Merasmus
        • Nobody will have bomb heads
        • 1 person on the server will be chosen to play as Merasmus
          • If the person doesn't move for atleast 6 seconds, he will be played as auto until he controls himself again.
          • He cannot use bombinomocon
    • Robots
      • Scout(10)
      • Heavy(20
    • Support
      • Spy
  • 4
    • Robots
      • Normal
        • Giant Scout(Health 50000)
          • Spawns with the bomb, cannot drop bomb
          • When this robot dies, the wave instantly ends.
          • Can only use a bat
            • Bat does instant kill, does not instant kill dead-ringer spies.
      • Support

Level 4 is still under construction

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