The Winger is a community-made secondary weapon for the Scout. It is a pistol with an inset radioactivity symbol on its grip and a small pair of stylized yellow wings emblazoned on the slide over the magazine. This weapon has a 60% smaller clip size, reducing the clip size from 12 to 5. However, the individual bullets have a 15% damage bonus, making point-blank shots do 25 damage, a full clip kill all 125 health classes, and 2 clips kill all classes except for the Heavy, assuming that most of them are not Overhealed. There is also a 25% higher jump bonus when this item is active, meaning that it is being held. The extra jump boost makes it easier to reach high locations, and makes good pairs with the Atomizer for an overall 75% higher jump height, and even better with the Soda Popper for a 175% overall jump height if the boost meter is activated and full. The extra jump height will not affect being hurt or using make-shift jumps from the Force-A-Nature.

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