The Wrap Assassin is a melee weapon for the Scout. It is a ripped, team-colored roll of spotted wrapping paper accompanied by a team-colored Bauble. This weapon has a 70% damage penalty toward everything, dealing a base damage of 17 (random damage 13-17), and has the same swing rate as the default Bat. The special ability of this weapon is its Bauble. When using the special attack key (default right-click), the Scout will launch a Bauble (which deals 55 damage on its own) that explodes, dealing 15 damage and causing bleeding. This takes 15 seconds to recharge, and can be recharged instantly through resupply cabinets or other dropped baseballs and Baubles. 

If you never use the default Bat, the only penalty is irrelevant making it a direct upgrade if you use the Bauble.