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 The Wrench (Spanner in QWTF) is a weapon in the Team Fortress series. It's the only weapon that can repair Buildables and repair Armor. Otherwise, it's the same as the Axe. It uses Cells to repair things.

It is only used by the Engineer.


The Wrench should be one of the most used weapons if you are an Engineer. Its primary power is to upgrade and repair buildables, such as the Sentry Gun. In QWTF and ETF, hitting the buildable with the Wrench will open up a menu that allows you to either put in more items into the buildable or repair it. In TFC, it will automatically repair and upgrade items.

The Wrench's ability to repair armor should not be underestimated. Whenever you're off repairing and checking the status of your buildables, check your allies and see if they need any armor. If they do, smack them with the Wrench a few times. This greatly increases their lifespan, especially if the person you're helping has Red Armor.

If you're attacking as an Engineer, make sure to repair your allies armor! Having repaired armor might mean the difference between life and death in certain cases, especially for weaker classes that have Yellow Armor.

If you are using it as a melee weapon, you should use it like you are wielding the Axe.


The first WON version of TFC, uses a spanner model for the wrench. The game files still states the weapon as a spanner. The HUD icon is different from the view and world models of the weapon, since the HUD icon is a one headed spanner, while the models are two headed spanners.


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